Summer Gold

It has been 4 months since I last updated this blog. In the meantime I have booked myself into 3 art fairs in the Autumn months and confirmed an exhibition in St Ives in 2020.

I continue to try and sketch with my inktense paints when I am out and about - more often than not on my bike along the tracks around Winchester. I am a mountain biker not a road biker - I love the countryside and the space and the lack of cars and people! Here are a few sketches which I have done over the last few weeks.

One of the problems of working in a small studio space is that I sometimes find it very hard to step back from a painting and lose the detail. More often than not a painting becomes too over complicated and I have to take two steps back for one step forward. My latest Yosemite paintings are a prime example. They began as one painting - a diptych - but I wasn’t happy with one side and decided to approach them as individuals. One is almost there I think. The other is still waiting for resolution. You can decide which is which!


Back to the sketches. This weekend I decided to tackle two paintings at once. Smaller works, inspired by a cycle through golden wheat fields last week. A blustery wind, an old hay barn, and a view towards West Harding from the top of the South Downs. I worked purely from the sketches and from memory. Mixing the colour first frees me up to simply paint what feels right. I force myself to work quickly with thick paint, concentrating on the mark as well as the colour and the resulting work has a the same spontaneous quality as some of my sketches, if more abstract in style. I am excited by this work and determined to keep pushing this process, even if it does involve large quantities of paint!

Hay Barn, oil on canvas, 30 x 40cm

Hay Barn, oil on canvas, 30 x 40cm

Summer Rain. South Downs. Oil on birch panel, 40 x 40cm

Summer Rain. South Downs. Oil on birch panel, 40 x 40cm


Alresford Art Fair, The Grange, 4th - 6th October

East Sussex Art Fair, Brighton Racecourse, 11th-13th October

Windsor Art Fair, Windsor Racecourse, 8th - 10th November