It has been a busy few weeks.  I took it upon myself to redesign my website making it more streamlined and less cluttered...and of course it took much longer than I had intended.  Anyway, here it is finally.  I shall use my blog to keep people up to date and actually I find writing a blog a very good way of reminding myself what I am up to! 

Going going gone!


Ravel Studies at The Other Art Fair in Bristol in July

Ravel Studies at The Other Art Fair in Bristol in July

I am delighted that 3 of my Ravel paintings, seen here at The Other Art Fair in Bristol in July, have sold to one of London’s best known hotels.  It is all top secret at the moment but suffice to say they are in a very high profile space and will be featuring in the launch this Autumn.  There are still paintings left in this collection.  I have left them unframed and polished the sides with beeswax because the bespoke birch panels were just too beautiful to frame.

Since exhibiting at the Minster Gallery in Winchester I have started a new collection of paintings inspired by the extraordinary town of St Ives in Cornwall.  Although I have holidayed for many years in the West Country I have never made it as far as St Ives.  This year I did.  It was in January and I was blown away by the light and the colours.  So, in a hurry to get started, I painted over a series of paintings which I completed a few years ago.  With the Ravel works so fresh in my mind it was only natural that the mark making has carried over into the larger St Ives works.


St Ives.  Ravel.  Oil on canvas, 160 x 110cm

Another advantage of redoing my website is I have had to rethink and rewrite my artist statement - an essential I am afraid when it comes to submitting work for open exhibitions or national prizes.  It is also a good discipline for me to sit down and work out exactly what I am about.  I try to keep it as short as possible, and you can read it in the ‘about’ section of this website.

Re-inventing myself with this website has also encouraged me to get out there and try new ways of working.  In September I did a 3 day landscape masterclass in the South Downs.  The emphasis was very much on sketching rather than photographing.  Absorbing the landscape and then carrying just one or two big ideas into the studio.   Putting aside any visual references, mixing a colour palette and simply allowing the painting process to guide you.

From left top - digital sketch and oil on paper - South Downs

From left top - digital sketch and oil on paper - South Downs

I am carrying that idea with me now wherever I go, together with a sketchbook, inks and graphite.

the footpath to Greve de L’Ecq.  Jersey

the footpath to Greve de L’Ecq.  Jersey

And finally...as part of all this rethinking I have reorganised my studio so that I can breathe again whilst I am working.  All the old paint tubes have gone and I have moved things around so that there is more white space and a working easel that I can see from a distance.  Bring on the Autumn!


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