The 3 month painting..a roadshow, another Other Art Fair and a launch in Mayfair!

The danger of free fall….

It is time for a confession.  When I  paint journeys I use a process that forces me to be slow and considered.  Each horizontal line is carefully measured, mixed and painted.  The work demands care and great patience but the structure of the work makes it almost impossible to paint impulsively.  The new work which I began producing over a year ago is my response to landscape without the linear boundaries.  To me it feels like free fall.  With every new painting I ask more questions – why that colour there, should a mark be bigger or smaller, is there enough light and shade, where is the eye being led?  There are so many possibilities that my latest work October Wood has now gone through at least 10 different versions.  Which is where my impulsiveness comes in.  I probably should have stopped several weeks ago on a version that sort of worked.  But every morning I go into the studio to start something else and the painting screams ‘I’m not right!’.  Frankly it has been driving me nuts..but I have a deadline approaching, The Other Art Fair in April, so within the next week I shall have to stop so the painting can dry.  Here’s hoping the next ones will get easier!

In February I finished 9 charcoal drawings inspired by The Annunciation.  When my friend Mark Byford invited me to produce a piece of work for his new book I had originally declined.  But I became intrigued by the idea of doing something totally random and ended up loving the whole process.  I have never worked in charcoal on paper, nor have I ever responded to an idea rather than a visual prompt.  Each drawing began with a single pencil line which acted as a springboard.  I then rotated each study until it looked right.  The final drawing, number 9, was the only one which I didn’t feel I needed to change in any way so I stopped right there.  The original drawings will be available to buy as a complete collection at The Other Art Fair on April, and as individual limited edition prints.

Own Art at the Other Art Fair…

For the first time in April The Other Art Fair will be offering Own Art run by the Arts Council.  This means that anybody can spread payment for an artwork over 10 months and still walk away with their painting on the day!


I am excited and delighted to be part of Gallery Elena Shchukina who will be launching my 2 tube paintings at their gallery in Mayfair this month.  Along with fellow Other Art Fair artist …  the gallery will be using our work to launch their new online shop.

Online buyers are beginning to make a real difference to the art market and it is a fantastic opportunity to be part of such a high profile gallery.

The Roadshow begins..

I am part of a group show called CORRESPOND which is touring the UK.  It had its first showing in Halifax this month and will be travelling on to Edinburgh in July with a possible stop in Liverpool before that.

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