The Annunciation drawings 1-9
Pencil and charcoal on paper

In January 2016 a friend approached me to produce a work based on The Annunciation. The book recounts a series of extraordinary encounters with a diverse range of people, from eminent clerics to artists including Grayson Perry. My brief was simply to respond to the story. I approached this work without any preconceptions and he documented the process. Working in charcoal on paper the drawings were entirely intuitive, linked only by a pencil line at the start which gives each study a story to follow. The most intriguing thing about this project is how they are now interpreted.
The Annunciation, by Mark Byford is published in 2018.

The 9 drawings are available as a complete framed collection of originals, or as individual limited edition prints.

Driving out of Muscat, traced video loop
Pencil on paper, framed

Arriving at Waterloo, traced video loop
Pencil on Paper, framed