A colour changing sunset…

Busy in the studio this last couple of weeks…working on a sunset.  It began one colour and has now evolved into something quite different.  I am not really sure how that happens except that I fiddle around on my iPad a little and realize that the palette I am using is not working.  image

This painting is based on a sunset which I photographed by climbing over a fence whilst out picture hunting on my scooter one evening in late June.  I began with a palette of turquoise, gentle purple and Mars red with a splash of bright olive green and white.

But the painting was just not working so I did what I often do and did a monochrome composition in charcoal which you can see above, stuck to the wall as a reminder.  Then I photographed the work and played a little on my iPad using the painting and my original photograph as a guide.  This is an ideal opportunity to bring the colors back into some order.  Back in the studio the next day I took out the Indian yellow and worked on a layer using Naples Yelbow and that Olive Green..with colour gently veering towards turquoise and some dark areas painted in using paynes grey and oxide red.  Not at all what I had set out to paint but still inspired by that sunset.  I need to do more work at the bottom of the painting but I am inspired by this palette.


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